Below is a list of some of our products. Please check our Online Shop for extensive range of cleaning products.

Abrasive Liquid Cleaners    Deb Products

Garbage Bags 


Adhesive & Ink Remover Degreasers Multipurpose Cleaners
Spray and Wipe
Air Fresheners Dishwashing Liquids Nappy Wash Spray Bottles & Triggers
Barrier Cream Dishwashing Powders  Oil Eater - Spill Cleaner


Stain Remover

Bins Disinfectants Other Accessories

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Sugar Soap

Bleaches/Thickened Bleach Dispensers Hand Towel  Packaging Consumables Tea, Coffee, Milo, Sugar
Body Gel Dispensers Soap Tissues Facial
Bottles, Containers & Lids Dispensers Toilet Roll Paper Hand Towels Toilet Cleaners
Brake Cleaner Disposable Plates & Cutlery Polishes and Strippers Toilet Paper
Brooms Dog Shampoo Polishing Pads

Toilet Tidy Set

Brushes Dust Masks Pool Chlorine Tyre Shine
Bubble Bath Dusters    
Buckets / Mop Buckets Dust Pans Rags Urinal Deodorant Blocks
  Electrical Extension Cords Rinse Aids  
Car & Truck Wash Eucalyptus Oil   Vacuum Cleaners, Bags & Accessories
Car Interior Cleaners Extension Poles Safety Equipment  
Carpet Cleaners   Sanitisers Window Cleaners & Hardware
Chlorine (Pool) Fabric Softener Scourers Windscreen Wash
Coffee Machine Cleaners Floor Cleaners Shampoo & Conditioner Wipes, Cloths & Sponges
Coolant / Anti Freeze Floor Squeegees Shower Cleaner Wool Wash

Products in Red are our best selling products. All products can be purchased from our Online Store. Clicking the individual link will bring you to the Category of each product.

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